Edwin Dennis Corzo


Call me: Edwin

At dancelab I teach: I teach all latin styles as well host TGIF. I live in Japan but when i want to have a holiday i always come over to Norway to hang out with my firends JT & Ania.
When not dancing I can be found: Always in a Latin Party having fun and dancing with people. 
I’m proud of: For starting the salsa Scene in Japan 20 years ago, still being able to run my school in Osaka and host Latin events. Also being able to teach around the world and share my passion.
My qualifications in a few words: Been living as a frilance dancer for multiple decades, while host a numerous festivals and congresses. Also i judged the World Championships in Bachata 2016. 
I would like to learn: Music percuissions, therefore im travelling to Cuba now to go from a hobbyist playing in clubs for live bands, to really learning this art over an intensive stay taking private lessons.
Funny facts: 
I dont live in Norway, i acctually run two latin events weekly in Japan also while running my School in Kobe and Osaka. I have over several years managed JT & Ania´s schools while they been on tours, thus making Norway my second home. During the creating of DanceLab i was a part of making it ready in building process. You can call me the spirit animal and guru of DanceLab.