500 Nok pr hr

Stor Salen

Size: 16 x 14 m

Space: Fits approx 60 persons for dancing

  • 4 strobe lights with 50 settings for light display, PA sound system, Microphone available if wanted, Ballet Barre, 10 chairs, Harlequin floor with suspension and Fiesta mat overlay, 12 m of mirror wall

Price: 500 Nok pr hr / 400 Nok for renting of 10 hrs or more.

400 Nok pr hr

Fitness Sal

Size: 20 x 6 m elongated

Space: Fits approx 30 persons for dancing

+ Soft Ballett floor with Harlequin suspension, sound system, 14 m mirror wall, warm palm tree lamps, couch

Price: 400 Nok pr hr / 350 Nok for renting of 10 hrs or more

300 Nok pr hr

Ishavskraft Salen

Size: 10x 4 m

Space: Fits approx 10 persons for dancing

+ Plenty of natural light, Mirror wall, Ballett barre, sound system, Harlequin Floor with Ballett overlay

Price: 300 Nok pr hr / 200 Nok for renting of 10 hrs or more