Call me: JT 

At DanceLab I: Salsa, Bachata, Getting Stronger, Stretching, Reggaeton and wedding dance even though people know me as janitor / receptionist.

When not dancing I can be found: At Bastard pub watching fotball, or in biljard halls

I’m proud of: Following my heart to make a living in dance that is my passion. As well over years of travelling starting the latin scenes in Taiwan and Myanmar where we have schools named after us.

My qualifications in a few words:

Won world championships in Salsa

Won Japan cup

Judged 4 world championships

Taught in 69 countries.

I´d like to learn: More juice recipes and Spanish

Funny facts: I have two fashion styles

  1. Bum style 
  2. Suite style

Everything else in-between i completely messed up